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Welcome to That's Empressive!

When rive in Hollywood. Yet the coffee is always on, the kettle is on the boil, and there's always a friendly face to greet you when you come in.

Given that business hours are from 6 am to 9 pm seven days a week...year round...that says a lot!

We feature the work of some of Canada's top artisans and the gallery is the home base of the Ojibwa artist Nokomis. She's been in touch with many of her friends so you'll also be able to browse limited edition prints by more than forty other First Nations artists while you're in the store.

Because it's Spring and a new season is upon us we've also been stocking the shelves with hundreds of new giftware items...soap that looks like ores extracted from the bowels of the earth, necklaces bracelets and rings that sure aren't for the meek and mild among us, silk slippers that royalty might appreciate and for the men in your life...what else but Shurshot Shotgun Shell Dip Mix...I kid you not.

Our shop and restaurant are housed on the ground floor of an old bank building in the town of Empress, Alberta. I know it's miles and miles from where you live but we've had honest to goodness word of mouth customers drive all the way from California of all places...so we must be worth the effort that it takes to get here.

Here's a few of our products. Click on the photos to learn more.

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Nokomis - Ojibwa Art Lilach Lotan Pottery Rita Watkins Pottery Jars Handmade Silk
Purses & Slippers
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Polymer Clay Rock Soap Voyager Art and Tile Jewelry
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